District G is a district focused on a stellar quality of life. It is a district that, in many cases, is comprised of generations of families. Residents that live here intend to make their home here for a long time.

I have traveled around the globe and Houston is still the greatest city I know. My wish is for my 6 kids to enjoy the same Houston I had to grow up in. I want them to return to Houston after their college graduations and have the same or even better opportunities than I had. I will work hard to ensure they, and all who move to Houston, have safe neighborhoods, a strong economy and a city with a reliable plan for infrastructure maintenance. All of that comes with a sound city government practicing conservative fiscal management.

This is why I am running for Houston City Council. In my lifetime in District G, residents have voiced three specific areas of concern loud and clear: public safety, financial security and sustainable infrastructure.

Politically, I have been a longtime conservative Republican.  I have served as President of Houston’s most conservative Republican Women’s Club, Daughters of Liberty Republican Women.  I have served as a Republican Election Judge and been a contributor to the Harris County Republican Party, Concerned Women for America and Vision America.  I am a regular Republican Primary voter.  While serving on the board of Houston Community College, I have voted against the bonds and against tax increases, doing so while standing alone.  My conservative credentials are well-known and proven.

Keep the debt out of city hall, keep the men out of women’s bathrooms,  and give our law enforcement the most authority possible to keep illegal immigrant criminals out of Houston.


Houston city government has an obligation, first and foremost, to keep its citizens safe. The Houston Police budget has almost doubled in the last 10 years. However, there are almost 300 fewer police on the streets than a decade ago. I will fight on City Council to streamline the Houston Police Department, reduce the bureaucracy and return Houston’s finest back to patrolling our neighborhoods. We must give our local law enforcement officials all the tools necessary to keep our streets and our families safe.


Our district’s financial stability is tied to Houston’s financial stability. Houston does not have a revenue problem. Houston has a spending problem.

A large portion of the city’s financial troubles are made worse by the rapidly rising pension debt. The pension debt alone has increased from 17% of the city budget to 36% of the city budget. Debt increases have outgrown revenue increases. We can longer kick the can down the road.

As an owner of multiple businesses in District G over the last 20 years, I am uniquely qualified to help vet solutions to solve this pension crisis. Houston city government must first reign in its spending and quit digging a deeper hole for itself. Then, working together, find fair and reasonable solutions to our pension issues for the next generation of employees.


The potholes in our streets, breaks in our water mains and sewage system leaks are symptoms of our financial conditions. We simply do not have the money to repair our core infrastructure and that is unacceptable. Like public safety, maintaining a strong infrastructure is a key service of city government.

You can be sure as your next Council Member, I will identify and prioritize the basic services and ensure they are funded. I will not be afraid to eliminate non-essential expenditures that get in the way of our core city services. I will call on audits of all city departments, analyzing and streamlining to save taxpayer money.

I am focused on District G being a viable, thriving place to live, raise a family and have a business. I ask for your support this November 3rd and welcome your input at

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