State Sen. Paul Bettencourt, District 7

Hon. Dwayne Bohac, State Representative, District 138

Hon.  Mike Schofield, State Representative, District 132

Hon. Chris Daniel, Harris County District Clerk

Hon. Donna Bahorich, Chairman, State Board of Education

Hon. Patricia Harless, State Representative, District 126

Hon. Michael Kubosh, Houston City Council Member At-Large #3

Hon. Harvin Moore, HISD Trustee, District VII

Hon. Katherine Dawson, SBISD Trustee

Hon. Pam Goodson, SBISD Trustee

Hon. Karen Peck, SBISD Trustee


Nancy and Hon. Paul Pressler

Hon. Pam Holm Former Houston City Council Member, District G

Hon. John Kelley, Former Houston City Council Member, District G

Hon. Bert Keller, Former Houston City Council Member, District G

Hon. Anne Clutterbuck, Former Houston City Council Member, District C

Hon. Bill Callegari, Former State Representative, District 132

Hon. Joe Nixon, Former State Representative, District 133

Hon. Beverly Woolley, Former State Representative, District 136

Hon. Elizabeth Ames Coleman, Former Texas Railroad Commissioner

Hon. Chase Untermeyer, Former U.S. Ambassador

Hon. Mary Grace Landrum, Former SBISD Trustee

Hon. Jacquie Baly, Former Sugar Land City Council Member

Hon. Mills Worsham, Former HCC Trustee, District VI

Hon. Richard Schechter, Former HCC Trustee

Hon. Corbett Daniel Parker, Former Bellaire City Council Member

HARRIS COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY (HCRP) PRECINCT CHAIRS  – Including 2/3 of District G HCRP Precinct Chairs who are Endorsing Sandie!

Walt Agnew, Chair, Precinct 309

Will Archer, Chair, Precinct 258

Martha Brownfield, Chair, Precinct 493

Ruth Carey, Chair, Precinct 711

Sandie Denenburg, Chair, Precinct 434

David Dettling, Chair, Precinct 395

Steve Dorman, Chair, Precinct 130

Cale Dowell, Chair, Precinct 436

Daniel DuBose, Chair, Precinct 303

Ralph Fite, Chair, Precinct 499

Craig Hagedorn, Chair, Precinct 438

Peter Haney, Chair, Precinct 274

Shelly Hillman, Former Chair, Precinct 504

Kelly Horsley, Chair, Precinct 877

Christine Howard, Chair, Precinct 510

John Kennelly, Chair, Precinct 504

Roman Klein, Chair, Precinct 437

Rich Lagenstein, Chair, Precinct 227

Jim McSpadden, Chair, Precinct 727

Dale Morgan, Chair, Precinct 491

Jason Murphy, Chair, Precinct 569

John Peterson, Chair, Precinct 625

Larry Pound, Chair, Precinct 356

Penny Thorn Remick, Chair, Precinct 177

Melissa Rowell, Chair, Precinct 480

Susan Rutherford, Chair, Precinct 217

Nancy Scott, Chair, Precinct 461

Bob Sumicek, Chair, Precinct 645

Dr. Bill Thorsell, Chair, Precinct 234

Eric Waligura, Chair, Precinct 439

John Watson, Chair, Precinct 269

Eduardo Vidal, Chair, Former Precinct 129

Jorge Villarreal, Chair , Precinct 503

Stuart Mayper, Former  Chair,  Precinct 492


Felicia Cravens, Founder, Houston Tea Party Society

Mano DeAyala, C Club Member

Judith Ellis, Former President, Daughters of Liberty Republican Women

Jim Grace, Founding Member, R Club

Al Hartman, C Club Member

Patricia Henderson, Founder, Ronald Reagan Republican Women

Carolyn Hodges, Former President, Texas Federation of Republican Women

Al Keller, C Club Member

Deany Meinke, Former President, Daughters of Liberty Republican Women

Kendall Miller, C Club Member

Jacob Monty, Member, C Club Member

Jan Ott, Former President, Cy-Fair Republican Women

Bob Shults,President, National Federation of Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs; Former President, Greater Houston Pachyderm Club; C Club Member

Montie Watkins, State Republican Executive Committeewoman, SD 15

Welcome Wilson, Sr.

Fred Zeidman, C Club Member


Tricia Dewhurst

Victor Alvarez

Hon. Donna Mike Bahorich

Joanie Bain

Elizabeth Biar

Laurie & Jeff Bricker

Cathy Brock

Gayle Christie

Cindy Clifford

Richard Cron

Cheryl Dalton

Melissa DeAyala

Linda Dewhurst

Gwen Emmett

Jason Fuller

Darlene Gardiner

Catarina Gonzales

Barbara Hauser

Shelley Hillman

Tom Hodges

Laura Keller

Wayne Klotz

Hilary & Carmelo Mauro

Mary Ann & David McKeithan

Robert Miller

Jack O’Connor

Carol Prince

Dr. Billy Reagan

Beverly Roberts

Bobbi Robinson

Mary Jo Vague

Lois Van Wart

Eleanor White

Lynn Woolley


Baptist Ministers Association of Greater Houston and Vicinity

C Club of Houston

CenterPoint Energy PAC

Conservative Republicans of Harris County

Greater Houston Restaurant Association

Houston Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

Super Neighborhood 17

Texas Conservative Review

Texas Conservative View PAC

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