Sandie Michael Kubosh endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Bert Keller & Pam Holm endorse Sandie Welcome Wilson Sr. endorses Sandie Tricia Dewhurst Endorses Sandie Moger Anne Clutterbuck endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Mary Grace Landrum endorses Sandie Beverly Roberts endorses Sandie Pam Goodson endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Mano DeAyala endorses Sandie Bruce Austin endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Nancy Scott & Roajada Fleming endorse Sandie Mullins Moger Chris Daniel endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Diane Guariglia endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Jane Bock Endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Dwayne Bohac endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Jack O'Connor endorses Sandie Fred Zeidman endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Elizabeth Biar endorses Sandie Mullins Moger Felicia Cravens endorses Sandie Mullins Moger
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    Thursday, October 1
    5:30 p.m.
    Hosted by Roxanne and Hon. Mills Worsham and Precinct 130 Chairman Steve Dorman

    Sunday, October 4
    4:00 pm.
    Hosted by Ellecia & Edmund Knolle

    Monday, October 5
    6:00 p.m.
    Hosted by Suzanne & Chuck Poteet

    Wednesday, October 7
    6:00 p.m.
    Hosted by Allyson & Hon. Joe Nixon and Christy & Paul Lock

    Tuesday, October 13
    6:00 p.m.
    Hosted by April Smith

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  • Latest News

    October 22 - State Sen. Paul Bettencourt Endorses Sandie for District G!

    September 18 - Greater Houston Restaurant Association Endorses Sandie for District G!

    September 9 - Nancy and Hon. Paul Pressler Endorse Sandie for District G!

    September 8 - C Club of Houston Endorses Sandie for District G!

    August 12 - Houston BOMA Endorses Sandie for District G!

    August 6 - Carmelo Mauro Endorses Sandie for District G!

    July 31 - Majority of Republican Precinct Chairs Endorse Sandie for District G!

    July 29 - Sandie Remarks on Greater Houston Partnership Study of Houston's Pending Financial Crisis - see News Section

    July 24 - Sandie Weighs In on Texas Supreme Court Ruling of HERO - see News Section for remarks

    June 12 - Former Texas Federation of Republican Women President, Carolyn Hodges, Endorses Sandie!

    June 10 - Tea Party Leader, Felicia Cravens, Endorses Sandie Mullins Moger for Houston City Council, District G

    June 5 - Elizabeth Biar Endorses Sandie!

    June 1 - Former District G Houston City Council Member, Pam Holm, Endorses Sandie Mullins Moger

    May 13 - Community Leader Mano DeAyala Endorses Sandie for District G

    April 27 - Houston City Council Member At-Large #3 Michael Kubosh Endorses Sandie Mullins Moger for District G

  • Facts about Sandie

    Sandie co-founded and served as President for Super Neighborhood 17.

    Sandie was elected as Houston Community College Trustee for District VI in 2009.

    Sandie served as Co-Chair of the Business and Education Committee for the Houston West Chamber of Commerce.

  • Recent News

    BETTENCOURT: “I found who I am voting for in District G!”

    Oct 22, 2015

    Vote for Sandie Today! Early Voting locations near District G: Metropolitan Multi-Services Center 1475 W. Gray Street, Houston, 77019 Trini Mendenhall Community Center 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, 77055 Tracy Gee Community Center 3599 Westcenter Drive, Houston, 77042 (One block East of Sam Houston Tollway) Nottingham Park 926 Country Place Drive, Houston, 77079 George Bush Park Glen Cheek Education Building 16002 Westheimer Parkway, Houston, 77082 Harris … read more

    TV Spot: Sandie Has Experience and Leadership for District G

    Oct 15, 2015

    sandie mullins moger for dist G Loading…


    Sep 18, 2015

    C CLUB OF HOUSTON ENDORSES SANDIE MULLINS MOGER FOR HOUSTON CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT G ¬† HOUSTON, TX – The C Club of Houston has endorsed Sandie Mullins Moger for Houston City Council District G. “I am grateful to receive the endorsement of the C Club of Houston. ¬†The C Club consists of individuals who are well-known Houston business and conservative¬†leaders, many of whom are also … read more

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